Perfector Non-Surgical Face Lift

Wigmore, Gillingham in Kent

Improving the appearance of your skin

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Facelifting is a structured six-stage anti-ageing treatment using special combinations of micro-current, frequency and waveform unique to Perfector.

These work on all levels of the skin, soft tissue and muscle fibres, helping to speed up cellular activity, increasing the local metabolism and re-educating the muscle fibres.

Perfector technology has pre-set programs designed to make sure you, the client, receive first-class results for every treatment.

Special vitamin-enriched conductive gels containing healing and moisturising ingredients used during the treatment, also enhance the results. Recommended for any skin which needs a lift!

  • Reduced lines and wrinkles
  • Lifted jowls and cheeks
  • Smoother skin and more defined facial contours
  • A dewy youthful look to the skin

Treatment benefits can vary from client to client, therefore all of our clients receive individual consultations and complete a detailed consultation form before a treatment, to assist us in obtaining the very best results.


Course of 6
£400 saving £20

Course of 10
£660 saving £40

Single monthly treatment thereafter